Samsung AirDresser, the innovative way to refresh and sanitize your clothes

Imagine to wash your clothes and have someone or something ready to dry them, iron them and leave them ready and scented to be worn. It would be a dream. What if Samsung made this dream come true? The company launched its AirDresser on the market, a wardrobe unique in its kind. 

The Samsung smart wardrobe is able to sanitize, refresh, dry and deodorize clothes in just a few minutes. Let’s see what are its main and innovative features, first of all the device uses different technologies including the “Jet Steam” able to sanitize all the items by eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria, mites and viruses using high-temperatures steam jets. The “Jet Air” technology, on the other hand, is able to remove smog, dust and allergens through air flows, so even after a trip on public transport you can refresh your clothing in a simple and fast way. The deodorizing filter removes stubborn odours like food, perspiration, smoke, leaving clothes scented with our favourite fragrance and in addition, the HeatPump Drying uses cooler temperatures to dry clothes without damaging them. But that is not all, the AirDresser also takes the place of the iron because thanks to the anti-crease treatment, the combination of steam and air leaves the items ready to wear, like a real laundry service. 

In short, all this technology and innovation have created the revolutionary Samsung AirDresser. 

It is not a real wardrobe so its size is not excessive, in fact its width does not exceed 40 centimetres and its depth reaches 60 centimetres, the AirDresser thus reaches a total weight of almost 90 kilos. The elegant door is made up of a front mirror and a touch display useful for managing and selecting over 20 programs, created to satisfy every need. The SmartThings app, connected to the AirDresser, will help you to choose the right program suitable for your clothes. The wardrobe takes care not only of your clothing, but also of the space around, in fact it acts as a dehumidifier that captures humidity by releasing dry air. The ideal place for this smart wardrobe would be a walk-in closet, but actually, its attractive design makes it a piece of furniture suitable for any type of room. 

If you think you have found a useful and perfect device for your needs, then you just have to make space and welcome the new and innovative AirDresser. 

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