Enel X’s new JuiceBoxes to charge vehicles at home

Today we run into electric vehicles more and more frequently, especially in cities, and we often see their advertising on television, on the radio and also on social networks. In 2020, most car manufacturers experienced a boom in electric car sales, the triplication of these new vehicles was also possible thanks to the entry into force of the European CO2 emission standards. 

Electric charging stations are now everywhere, in the cities, in mountain villages, in car parks and even in motorway cafés which are equipped to satisfy every need. 

Enel X has launched the new JuiceBox on the market, already on sale, in order to recharge the vehicle from the comfort of our home. The electric column was entirely designed and built in Italy in full respect of the environment and circular economic systems using recycled plastic. 

The JuiceBox can be installed in garages, but also in parking spaces, both for private citizens and companies, thus facilitating even those who spend the whole day in the office. 

Enel X has created two different types of infrastructures, the JuiceBox Pro and the JuiceBox Pro Cellular, both have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, their power can reach up to 22 kW and the user has the possibility to choose whether to have it with or without cable. The Cellular electric column also has an LTE connection, to always be connected, wherever you are. These smart devices are equipped with the Smart Charging function that allows the consumer to adapt the power level to the real availability of the counter. 

Users can use the JuiceBoxes in a really safe, simple and fast way by choosing two charging modes. Thanks to Connect&Charge they can connect the cable directly to the car connector or they can choose authentication via app or RFID card. Remote charging with the Enel X JuicePass app is an easy and intuitive way to manage programming and its start, to receive notifications in real time, to regulate power and to control energy consumption and all the charging sessions. In addition, thanks to the app, customers have access to the over 50,000 charging stations throughout Europe. Finally, the JuiceBoxes are connected 24 hours a day to the cloud platforms managed by Enel X. 

The innovation and technology of the JuiceBoxes have allowed Enel X to obtain the important Compasso d’Oro ADI Award, the most authoritative prize in the world, for industrial design in 2020. 

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