Nespresso new super automatic coffee machine

The Swiss brand has revolutionized the way people take coffee, again. It was the 1970s when the multinational corporation Nestlé invented capsule coffee. Since then it has taken a long time for pod and capsule coffee machines to become popular everywhere. But in the end they made it into almost everyone’s home, getting people used to a different type of coffee break. Now, in 2020, Nespresso is once again turning the tables by introducing a super-automatic machine that can understand what type of coffee you want.

The new capsule machine system is called Vertuo and it is able to make coffee in five different lengths and in 29 different types, which is the number of capsules currently available. And it does it all by itself. You just have to insert the capsule, press a button and wait for the coffee to be served. Basically, the One-Touch System automatically recognizes, through a bar code, the type of capsule and it adjusts the settings accordingly. Each capsule requires a different brewing temperature, amount of coffee, pressure and rotation speed.

As for the length of the coffee, the five possible types are: the 40 ml espresso, the 80 ml double espresso, the 150 ml Gran Lungo, the 230 ml Mug and the 414 ml Alto. There is therefore a wide range of choices that suit consumers’ new needs, who have learned to love other types of coffee besides the traditional espresso. The general manager of Nespresso Italy, Stefano Goglio, said in fact that “with this launch we are responding to the new coffee consumption trends that are seeing an ever-increasing number of consumers preferring a more ‘hybrid’ type of coffee: from Espresso coffee early in the morning, to the long coffee in a mug that accompanies weekend brunches up to the coffee on the go sipped on the way”.

In addition to the automation of its machines, Vertuo comes as an innovation also because it uses a new extraction system based on the Centrifusion technology. This makes the capsule rotate within the system, reaching up to 7,000 rotations per minute. This way the infusion technique combines with the centrifugal force. It is this combination that makes it possible to make a coffee rich in aromas and with a nice thick crema. 

An important aspect to consider, however, is the impossibility of using compatible capsules. Vertuo is in fact a patented technology. This means that if other manufacturers want to reproduce compatible versions, the latter would not work without the barcode. Unless the same codes are copied, any other capsule wouldn’t be read by the machine, and would be therefore unusable. 

However, with its new Vertuo line, Nespresso is once again in pole position in terms of innovation and technology in its sector. Stefano Goglio himself recognizes this when he says: “We have launched a system that will be able to revolutionize the way coffee is consumed at home, thanks to a completely new technology that confirms the pioneering role of Nespresso in the world of portioned coffee”.

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