New EIZO FlexScan monitors

The Japanese company that produces computer monitors, Eizo Corporation, has created brand new monitors of the FlexScan line. The latter is a line of professional monitors for both home and office and which are characterized by “excellent visual quality, maximum ergonomics, high efficiency and reliability”. 

The fact that we were heading towards an increasingly digitalized workplace and in which the computer became the core of our work activity, has been known for some time. The pandemic has certainly accelerated the process, and with it also rose the awareness of the importance of having a comfortable and relaxed workplace. Spending hours in front of a computer screen is certainly not good for our eyes. 

In addition to having certain precautions such as taking your eyes off the screen for at least 15 minutes every 2 hours, maybe getting up and doing some stretching or a short walk outdoors, it is equally important to choose a monitor that has features designed specifically for those who spends a lot of time on the computer. Eizo does just that, creating monitors that combine excellent visual quality and a set of ergonomic functions.

His latest creations are FlexScan EV2495, EV2795 and EV3895. The EV2495 and EV2795 are respectively 24.5 and 27 inch models, perfect for those who usually work with multiscreen applications. They have a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 (EV2495) and 2,560 x 1,440 (EV2795). IPS technology allows images to be sharp and brilliant, a contrast of 1000:1 and a brightness of up to 350 cd/m2. They can be connected via USB-C cable and used as docking stations, giving the possibility to connect different devices directly to the monitor. In addition, multi-monitor applications can be configured with Daisy Chain technology.

The EV3895 is instead a 37.5-inch curved monitor with a resolution of 3,840 x 1,600 pixels (three times higher than a common Full HD monitor). This slim bezel and elegantly designed monitor is great for those who need a large screen, in order to open multiple windows and applications at the same time, and also use multiple sources. Thanks to its curved structure, eye strain is greatly reduced, as the curved shape of the monitor reduces the need for the pupil to shift focus to the side areas of the screen. The monitor is also equipped with an anti-glare treatment and blue light is reduced by 80%.

Eizo’s monitors are also characterized by great sustainability. With Eizo EcoView energy efficiency is improved and energy is saved. The company also manufactures its products in compliance with environmental and sustainability standards, such as EnergyStar, TCO Certified Generation 8 and EPEAT. Lastly, all screens are produced in Eizo factories where the ISO 14001 certified environmental management system is respected. 

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