Daewoo Mini Drum: the new wall washing machine

Products such as washing machines and dryers have now become electrical household appliances of fundamental importance that facilitate domestic activities by making them simpler and faster. Unfortunately, however, some houses do not have enough space to accommodate large appliances which are therefore too bulky and many people find themselves unable to take advantage and to exploit the usefulness and efficiency of this technology which could simplify everyday life and household work. 

But what if there was both a washer and dryer just 55 centimetres high, 60 centimetres long and with a depth that does not even reach 30 centimetres? Reveries? No, the Korean company Daewoo has designed a truly innovative idea by creating a real design product that can wash and dry our garments without occupying an entire store-room. This is the Daewoo Mini Drum, a mini cube to hang on the wall as if it were a real painting. 

This all-in-one mini appliance that weighs just over 15 kilograms can be placed in any room and is equipped with six classic washing programs, such as easy daily wash, hand wash effect, 15-minute quick wash, sportswear wash and 95 degrees baby care with the sterilizing effect. The washing machine has an intuitive control panel that allows the user to manage and plan the various cycles in a fast and easy way. 

The three kilograms heavy load capacity is perhaps not enough for those who are used to washing large quantities of clothes at once, but the space-saving Mini Drum is certainly ideal and perfect for all those who do not want to give up the convenience of this appliance despite having a small space in the house. 

You simply need to install the stylish cube design on the right wall and start enjoying the help and comfort that Daewoo innovation and technology offer its customers. 

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