Foodchain is a platform used to trace food products

The combination of both innovation and intelligence in the field of technology have created a system able to trace food products from Farm-to-Fork. 

Foodchain platform was born in 2016 and it can help to protect the Made in Italy, businesses and also consumers belonging to the agri-food sector. All food products are digitally tracked from their origin thanks to the innovative Blockchain technology which is a “a public, distributed and decentralized ledger, where information is encrypted and stored in a tamper-proof and secure way. Once data is entered into the system and validated, it becomes unalterable. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) devices it is possible to implement traceability that covers each phase of the supply chain including production, logistics and distribution”. 

All companies that decide to participate in this initiative can provide, via computer or smartphone, all data relating to the origin and processes of products in real time and can decide which information to make public, which to keep private and also which to share only with the other actors of the supply chain. The result of this process is a QR code that is applied on the packaging of the different products and in this way the final consumer, by scanning the smart label with his device, will be able to access all the public data made available by the company that will thus have the opportunity to increase the trust of its customers. 

Transparency is one of the fundamental and essential points to guarantee the quality of the items and their origin and to help consumers choose the goods in a more sustainable way and with greater awareness. Every year the various fake news (such as the most recent on the spread of Coronavirus through food), Italian sounding (i.e. the imitation of Italian food and wine excellence) and counterfeiting in the agri-food sector create considerable damage to the Made in Italy, but today, thanks to this new technology, companies can enhance the quality and origin of their products by accompanying customers towards an Italian choice. 

The main goal of this platform is to “track, trace and carry out quality control on every single food”, said Marco Vitale, CEO Foodchain, adding that the smart label also allows the product to tell its own story that starts from the field and ends on the consumer’s table. In this way, customers are also informed and fully aware about the characteristics of the goods and the various companies’ ethics. Foodchain together with Blockchain technology will be able to guarantee and protect the Made in Italy. 

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