Leica launched its new SL2-S camera

Leica Camera AG is a German company known for the manufacture of cameras and optical devices characteristic of the photographic world. The German company has recently introduced and launched on the market the SL2-S Leica, a new version of the already known mirrorless SL-2. 

Let’s see all the new features of this new device that has been created and designed taking into account the main needs of video makers and filming lovers. First of all, the photo menu and the one dedicated to the video shooting are separate and independent of each other and therefore they can be customized according to the different needs. Leica has also introduced a new backlit sensor, the 24 megapixel CMOS-BSI, this sensor also offers better sensitivity management and in fact the SL2-S reaches 100,000 ISO. It is very interesting that all users will be able to record videos at the highest quality, therefore in 4K, without any time restrictions. The new camera can record in 10 bit 4:2:2 with the L-Log format up to 60 fps. Whereas, for what concerns the memory, the new SL2-S is equipped with a double SD slot that also supports UHS-II fast cards. 

Leica has thought about nature video lovers, in fact with the IP54 certification for cold and heat, the device can be used both in conditions of high temperatures and colder temperatures that can even reach -10 degrees, in addition Leica SL2-S is made of metal and this allows it to withstand different atmospheric perturbations. The L-Mount lens mount is compatible not only with Leica lenses, but also with those of the Panasonic and Sigma range. 

Those who decide to rely on the new Leica will not only have the opportunity to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as it is compatible with the SL2-S camera, but according to the latest news, the recent collaboration between Leica and Capture-One 21, photo editing software, could amaze users and give great news in the field of post-production. 

Other and new features will be introduced with an update scheduled for next year and according to several rumours, the main innovations could concern the tracking and recognition of the subjects’ bodies, faces and eyes; the overlapping of images in Live-View and also the segmentation of the shots. 

As already anticipated, the new Leica SL2-S full frame mirrorless is cheaper than the previous version and is certainly ideal and perfect for documentarist and video makers. 

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