AI in 2021 Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements versions

Adobe, the American software specialized in video and graphics products, has launched two new programs: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 and Premiere Elements 2021. The first one is a photo editing software, the second one a program for editing videos. They both represent the lite versions of their professional counterparts and are designed for enthusiasts and for those who do not have the need to, or they simply don’t want to spend a fortune on professional softwares.

The major innovation is the integration of Adobe Sensei technology. The latter is an artificial intelligence tool that integrates with Adobe Experience and that has been designed to improve and make working on Adobe easier and faster. For example, it is able to recognize the subjects of the images in the library, suggesting tags and simplifying the classification and search process. Or it can detect text from a picture and convert it into an editable file.

As for the new programs, Adobe Sensei comes in the form of a digital creative assistant that helps the users to create, edit, organize and share their photos and videos. In Adobe Photoshop, the assistant also meets beginners, guiding them step by step in the making of new creations, thanks to 58 guided edits that allow the user to learn by doing. In addition, there are a number of effects, slideshows and collages, which are suggested and that can be automatically applied to photos.

A brand new feature in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 is the ability to make a GIF in a few seconds. With 2D and 3D camera movement effects, your shots can be transformed into moving photos. With Adobe Sensei there will no longer be closed eyes and frowning faces and everyone will be looking in the right direction. Another function of the software is in fact that of optimizing the inclination of faces to ensure that all the people in the picture are looking where they should. The same goes for facial features. It is possible to open the eyes of those who had closed them and to make those who looked sullen smile. 

As for Premiere Elements, grainy videos and fog will no longer be a problem. All you have to do is simply use the effects for reducing the noise. The music we choose to act as a background for our videos will instead automatically adapt to the length of the footage. Here too, beginners will have the opportunity to learn, starting with the 25 guided edits available. There are also tons of effects, animated titles, cinematic styles and other animations to choose from. And what if your video is very long and you know it will take you ages to cut out the best moments to insert in the final video? Also in this case Adobe Sensei will take care of it. Thanks to the SmartTrim tool it is able to find and put together the best scenes based on the style of your video.  

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