Huawei opens health lab to improve wearables

The Chinese company, a world leader in the production and marketing of technology products, has announced the opening of a research center in Xi’an, China. The center is called Huawei Health Lab and it was designed to test different technological solutions to improve the wearables experience.

In particular, technology solutions are intended for sports and well-being field. Inside the Huawei Health Lab there will be researchers, engineers and developers who will simulate different training scenarios, collecting data on fitness and well-being in order to optimize wearable softwares. This will make it possible to give even more accurate data that take into account the different physical conditions of consumers.

To carry out the tests on the devices, engineers devised more than ten different reliability tests, which are based on very strict standards, as Huawei is already used to doing. Usually, in fact, many devices are tested, but only those that pass with flying colors all the exams and tests they are subjected to, are put on the market.

The great attention to the accuracy of the data provided by its products and the investments in research and innovation have paid off. Huawei wearables are in fact among the most requested wearables. A market research conducted in 2020 by IDC has confirmed it, claiming that Huawei devices ranked first among the best-selling in the third quarter.

In 2020 alone, researchers recorded 10,900 hours of data about running, which is then verified and optimized for devices to accurately adjust physical condition settings when people are training. The team of experts includes more than 40 researchers and developers specialized in different areas of sports and humanities. There are professionals from sports, medicine, sports rehabilitation, bioscience engineering and many others. 

“In the HUAWEI Health Lab, research equipment is not the only important element, but also researchers and their innovative research solutions. […] Together, this multidisciplinary group of researchers and developers have combined and exchanged their expertise to create an innovative new research methodology, turning this laboratory to an innovative workshop for a healthy lifestyle and enable smartwatch to act as a wrist-bound personal trainer, helping consumers to exercise scientifically and live a healthier life” said Rico Zhang, President of Smart Wearable and Health Product Line Huawei Consumer Business Group.

An example of the work done by researchers in the Huawei Health Lab? In order to collect data about the physical state of a person during running training, such as oxygen consumption, heart rate, posture and calories burned, researchers created a data collection system that uses a treadmill equipped with foot pressure detection technology, heart rate monitor, cardio-metabolic mask, optical gesture capture system.

Rico Zhang concluded by saying: “In the future, Huawei will continue to increase the investment in the field of sports and health”. The aim is to “provide consumers easy to use, professional and accurate health and fitness products”.

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