Kar-go: the new autonomous vehicle to deliver packages

On some London streets is circulating a green electric car that is able to move and deliver packages autonomously without the help of a driver. The idea is born with the British start-up Academy of Robotics which, after four years of study and research, created this new innovative Kar-go. 

The Academy of Robotics is a technological institute with a team of engineers and researchers who combine the techniques of mechatronics and machine learning to create artificial machines. The fusion of driverless vehicle technology and advanced robotics led to the creation of a real autonomous robot capable of reaching residential areas to make deliveries to all users. 

The British start-up’s main goal is to make deliveries cheaper, smarter and more eco-friendly, but also contactless. The Kar-go trial began on the London streets of Hounslow to transport the medicines from pharmacies to different care homes throughout the borough. 

“Our vehicles are designed to be a fully-autonomous system that expects the vehicle’s performance to equal that of a human driver, in every driving scenario. Within the vehicle is a system of compartments and each compartment contains packages belonging to different customers. As the vehicle arrives at each delivery address, the system automatically selects the package belonging to the corresponding customer for delivery”. 

All vehicle components are manufactured in the UK using materials are in compliance with the British and European standards. Kar-go has obtained the certificate from the UK’s Driver Vehicle Standards Agency and is therefore a car that can legally drive on the roads along with all the other cars. The innovative autonomous vehicle is also fast and can reach 96 kilometres per hour, has been designed to carry up to 48 packages and also needs three hours of recharge. Thanks to the app, the user receives a notification when the package has reached the delivery address and the goods should be delivered within thirty minutes. Kar-go is equipped with artificial intelligence that arranges the packages in order according to their distribution and calculates the fastest route. 

“Equipped with sensors and software designed to detect pedestrians, vehicles, cyclists, roadworks and pets, our Kar-go vehicles can see in all directions up to 100 meters ahead at all times. What’s more, our proprietary software and sensors even allow our vehicles to see behind parked vehicles”, said William Sachiti, CEO at Academy of Robotics. 

The Academy of Robotics team, with the creation of this innovative and original Kar-go, could therefore revolutionize the world of deliveries by making it faster, smarter, safer and more sustainable. 

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