U-Earth launches the first biotech U-Mask

With the current global pandemic, many companies have launched several masks, medical devices that have become mandatory to protect us from the contagion and spread of the coronavirus. Nowadays all the masks are available in different shapes, colours and fabrics. 

U-Earth Biotech is an Italian start-up specialized in the green economy sector that has designed and created the first anti-proliferative and self-sanitizing biotech mask, the U-Mask, its launch has already been a great success. 

The team of Italian researchers and experts has carried out many studies to find the molecule that prevents and blocks the spread of microbes, bacteria and viruses, it is “a polymeric mixture containing a natural active ingredient which severely limits the risk of contracting multidrug-resistant microorganisms and transmitting pathogens between humans. This is affixed to a layer of filtration fabric thanks to a proprietary procedure”. The new mask uses biotechnology not only to stop harmful substances in the air on its surface, but also to destroy them from its inside.  

The materials used for the creation of the exclusive U-Mask offer an excellent performance and are eco-sustainable, in fact the regenerated nylon that is used for the cover is created with ocean and landfill waste, moreover the medical device is entirely produced in Italy. The mask is equipped with a special refill with four layers of filtration that are self-sanitizing. The innovative biotechnology used is not toxic for humans and blocks the proliferation of the virus on the outside of the U-Mask. The studies carried out have guaranteed and demonstrated that the device remains effective and safe for 150 or a maximum of 200 hours of use and in addition the attractive design is realized for a prolonged use and ensures both a perfect shape and a comfortable use. 

A percentage of the proceeds from each U-Mask sold is donated to some Italian hospitals in order to make U-Earth Air Purifiers available to fight the spread of Coronavirus. The mask is available in different colours and the red edition (PRODUCT RED) helps support the programs of the Global Fund, approximately 19% of each red mask purchased is donated to help and defend the most vulnerable groups from the dangers of HIV and COVID-19.   

“We believe that access to pure air is as much of a human right, as it is to have access to drinkable tap water and healthy food”, said Betta Maggio, founder and CEO of U-Earth Biotech. 

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