Smart snow googles for snow sports enthustiasts

Originally ski googles were a tool used to protect yourself from bad weather conditions. Then they became an essential accessory to be worn by skiers and snowboarders in any situation. Their main functions are: to protect yourself from UV rays, act as a filter against intense light, protect from wind and snow, and prevent any foreign bodies from getting in your eyes. Just like any other item designed to be worn, ski goggles soon became something to make “stylish”, coming in trendy shapes and colors. The next step was to add a third component: technology. 

In addition to being useful and stylish, now ski goggles are also smart, like the brand new LinkLens which thanks to their integrated earphones allow skiers to listen to music and use voice commands even when you are skiing. The idea came to a Canadian start-up based in Toronto, which aim is to elevate “the enthusiast’s experience using innovative technology”. Their multi-functional snow goggle, as its creators call it, is equipped with Open Air Audio and Dual-mic Noise Cancellation technologies that ensure external noise cancellation and quality audio even in strong winds. Listening to your favorite playlist, calling the restaurant to reserve a table for dinner or simply giving commands to your voice assistant, will be activities to be easily carried out even when engaged in winter sports. And thanks to the Single-ear Mode it will be possible to do it safely. By activating this mode, audio will still be crystal clear, but you will be able to stay alert to your surroundings at the same time.

LinkLens come with a unibody design and they are made with TPU materials, which makes them extremely flexible and impact resistant. They are compatible with different helmets and hats and the company also ensures that they do not put pressure on the ears, making them comfortable even for all-day use. Lenses are interchangeable, which allows you to use the three different types available, depending on the day-time you choose to engage in your favorite sport activity and weather conditions. All lenses are 99% UV-resistant, meanwhile the Night Vision lens improve visibility in the dark and in cloudy conditions.

LinkLens comes in a standard model and in the Pro model. The main difference is in the presence of the voice assistant and in a longer battery runtime in the latter. The classic version lasts up to 10 hours, while the Pro version can last up to 20 hours.

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