Clubhouse is the social media of the moment

After seeing how Zuckerberg had reached the peak of success thanks to Facebook, many tried to do the same, creating a myriad of social networks with the most disparate features: the one dedicated to video recording, the one where everyone feels like a photographer, the one specifically designed for workers and the one for texting. There are so many that it would be impossible to even think of making an approximate list. Some have succeeded in their goal of becoming popular, others not so much. At the moment there is one in particular that is on everyone’s lips: Clubhouse.

It is a social network unlike any other. First of all, in order to use it you cannot just go and register, you have to be recommended by someone. It is a sort of elite club and the only way in is to get an invitation. There are many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher. Within this circle for a select few, there are several rooms where people talk about tons of different topics like music, sport and marketing. It is therefore a social media based exclusively on audio, it is a sort of real-time podcast. Basically, you enter, you choose the room you want to access and you start listening to other people talking about a certain topic, and you can even take part in the debate, if you wish. The one thing that attract the most about it is the idea of being in the same room, albeit virtual, with famous people and having the opportunity to interact with them. 

The founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, came up with a great marketing strategy before launching it in April 2020, which succeeded in getting everyone’s attention. The idea of making social media something exclusive probably only served to increase the desire of users to subscribe. Even the choice to leave Facebook out of the profiles used to access it seems to have been planned with great attention. Another feature that makes the social even more exclusive? Only iPhone owners can download the app, while Android users have to stay outside the circle.

As has already happened with other social media in general, the gap between ordinary people and so-called celebrities has narrowed even more. If you think that several years ago the only way to have some sort of contact with one of them was to follow them to their official events, wait in long queues and wiggle among a million other people in the hope of receiving a simple signature on a paper, we can certainly affirm that technology has the merit of breaking down those barriers that made us look at the celebs like they were some sort of aliens and not people like us. Thanks to Clubhouse it is now possible to discover, for example, that Jared Leto has the same tastes in literature as we do or that Chris Rock shares our same concerns when it comes to personal relationships.

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