June 15, 2022: goodbye to Internet Explorer

It was the first browser for many of us, and next year we will have to say goodbye: on June 15, 2022, Internet Explorer will be permanently retired.

However, the Microsoft Edge program manager has already been introduced by the company. In a post, the company itself stated that “The future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 will be in Microsoft Edge”. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the Microsoft Edge icon itself reminds of the historical browser in shape and colours, even if it is revisited in a more modern key.

For some time Internet Explorer had not received any updates, but now it is preparing for a real retreat, after years and years in which it was for many the reference browser.

For at least five years, the company has been pushing people and companies to migrate from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, but it’s not that easy for users to transfer all their data (favorite sites, apps, services) from one browser to another: “We found that enterprises have 1,678 legacy apps on average,” the post states, adding that users will be allowed to browse Microsoft Edge using “Internet Explorer mode”.

There are many actions taken to persuade users to stop using Explorer as their default browser. From August 17 of this year, Microsoft 365 web services will no longer be compatible with Explorer. Furthermore, in 2019 cybersecurity described the various dangers faced by continuing to use our dear browser as a default.

But the real turning point will take place on June 15, 2022, when Internet Explorer will expire, while remaining available on devices in which it is already installed.

It must be said that our old Explorer has been losing beats for some time, becoming known above all for its slowness. In fact, while in the early 2000s Internet Explorer was one of the best web browsers, thanks to the support of cutting-edge technologies, over time, other browsers have become bitter competitors, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. And now IE has come to an end. Soon, on Windows 10 from 20H2 and Windows 10 IoT from 20H2, when you try to use Explorer, there will be a redirect to Microsoft Edge.

At this point you need to get acquainted with Edge. Officially released in 2015 for Windows 10 and Xbox One only, the mobile version for iOS and Android was released two years later. Finally, in 2019 it was rebuilt as a Chromium-based browser. Edge allows you to have a faster and safer browsing experience, as well as more modern, than Explorer. Nevertheless, as mentioned, it has an integrated Internet Explorer mode, to allow users of the old browser to migrate to the new one in the most comfortable way possible.

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