Robots can make music too

Artificial intelligence is a computer technology that in recent decades has been transforming the way in which man interacts with the machine, but also the way in which the machines themselves interact with each other. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a robot is able to perform even complex operations and reasoning, which previously only man was able to perform. It is a field in constant evolution, which offers us surprising results and solutions that are completely out of the ordinary. After the software capable of inventing stories based on just two words that act as inputs, here is the robot that composes music. The music produced by robots is rhythmic and a bit robotic, still a long way from what human creativity is capable of, yet it remains astonishing that a simple robot can write songs.

In recent years we have seen the birth of various applications, such as the popular Boomy and Voisey, thanks to which users become musical composers, which allow their users to feel like new musical composers: just a few clicks and a few seconds of waiting to compose catchy tunes, whose tempo you can change and add echoes or choruses, as well as delete or add other musical instruments. The Boomy app has made it possible to produce over five million songs, which correspond to 5% of the music composed in the world (according to Boomy itself). The CEO of Boomy, Alex Mitchell, in fact stated that “85% of our users had never composed music before, now there are those who earn even 100 or 200 dollars a month thanks to royalties”. It is incredible to think that people who are not experts in the field are able to compose music and earn thanks to their songs, by using a simple app. Of course, you have to reach a large number of plays to be able to earn small amounts, but for many users it seems that this is not a difficult goal to achieve.

However, applications of this type are not completely new. Already in the 1980s, classical music composer David Cope had developed software capable of composing music in the style of the musician Johann Sebastian Bach. In a few minutes, the software had managed to compose 5000 songs, published in an album entitled “Bach by Design”. Three years ago, music composer Holly Herndon produced a music album using Spawn, another artificial intelligence system.

Apple understood the importance of applications capable of composing or composing music, and for this reason it acquired Ai Music, a British start-up that generates personalized song lists using artificial intelligence. The agreement is still being finalized, but it is likely that Apple intends to integrate new features to Ai Music, such as Music and Fitness +, thanks to which it is possible to create lists based on the tastes and activities of users. In fact, the main application of Ai Music is “Infinite Music Engine”, which allows you to generate audio suitable for marketing experts, creative agencies, publishers and so on, using a special algorithm. It is therefore a technology capable not only of satisfying the needs of its users, but even of “anticipating” them.

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