Something new is coming: the Amazon Echo Frames will soon be available

The new Amazon smart glasses are coming, these Echo Frames let you take Alexa wherever you go. At the moment they are only available on the American market, but will soon be a big success in Italy and in other countries as well. 

The smart glasses, usable every day, can be customized with almost any type of graduated lens and interact with Alexa at any time. While we are walking, driving, drinking a coffee or just sitting on the sofa we can ask Alexa to play our favourite song, book an appointment, call a friend, set a reminder not to be forgotten or simply receive the most important notifications and all this while comfortably leaving the phone in our pocket. 

The open-ear technology allows the sound to be directed, through four speakers, towards our ears minimizing the other sounds, but still allowing us not to be cut off from the outside world. The volume can also be changed manually with the buttons on the frames. The Echo Frames also protect our privacy and in fact we can disable and turn off the microphones according to our needs. 

The smart glasses have a Bluetooth connection and can be connected to different messaging apps (at the moment it only works with devices that support Android operating system) and thanks to the VIP filter there is the possibility to select and filter notifications and receive only those that we consider important, excluding all the others that still remain saved on our smartphone. 

Echo Frames design is minimal and simple, but the special frames hide a world to be discovered. Black, blue and tortoiseshell are the three colours currently available. 

For those who love technology and innovation and want to keep up with the times without missing out on the latest updates, then the Echo Frames are the right accessory to always be within earshot. 

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