PlayStation 5 is here and almost gone

This year one of the most loved and anticipated products of Sony Corporation, the multinational electronics, video game and entertainment products company based in Tokyo, was released. We are talking about PlayStation 5, which is making millions of passionate gamers go wild. In fact, thousands of people are queuing on online store, in order to grab the latest model of the first console ever produced by Sony. Let’s see then what are its features and why everyone wants to put their hands on it.

Let’s start with the external aspect. For this fifth version of Playstation, Sony has put a lot of effort also in the aesthetics of the product, creating a real pice of design. It looks like a black body with a white armor, almost reminding Star Wars’ stormtroopers. Due to its shape and size it is not really suitable to end up in a TV cabinet, rather it seems to be made specifically to be placed on some shelf to be displayed. 

The greatest innovation is probably the new and innovative wireless game controller, carrying the name of DualSense. This is indeed equipped with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone. Haptic feedback responds to in-game actions with dynamic vibrations that simulate several feelings, such as the recoil of weapons and certain game environments. Adaptive triggers allow you to experience different levels of force and tension, giving the impression of being physically connected with your on-screen actions. It is possible to chat with friends online, either by using the built-in microphone or by connecting headphones to the 3,5 mm jack.

the old DualShock 4 feautures that gamers liked so much, have also returned on the DualSense, obviously with improvements. Among these are the built-in battery (rechargeable via USB Type-C cable), the motion sensor with the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, and the speaker that allows the generation of sound effects directly from the controller. In other words, everything is thought to totally immerse the player in the game. 

A distinctive choice for PlayStation 5 is to eliminate (almost) everything that is “superfluous”, that is, everything that has nothing to do with video games. While in fact the PlayStation 4 was also an entertainment for the family with the possibility of listening to music through a special item in the menu, PS Music, and to watch movies and TV programs by choosing them from the PlayStation Store, with the Ps5 this will no longer be possible. No more PS Music, and no chance of downloading and renting films. Ps5 only retains a Music option that allows connection to Spotify, while watching films will only be possiblle through apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+.

Thanks to a series of wise decisions, therefore, PlayStation 5 tries to distinguish itself from its competitors and from that world of devices all with the same features, thus establishing itself as “the” console par excellence for video gamers.

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