Smart Planter Lua: your plants can now communicate their needs

If you love plants, flowers and aromatic herbs, but your bad green fingers force you to fill your house with completely empty coloured pots, because not even a succulent plant would be able to survive your “gardening attempts”, then you are ready to discover a new and very smart and funny gadget. 

This is the Smart Planter Lua, a real smart pot which, interacting with the owner, is able to report the emotions and needs of the plant in real time, as if it were a true pet. 

Apparently, Lua looks like a rather normal and small coloured vase (green, yellow or purple) and with simple lines, but actually it hides a display that is essential to communicate the health of the plant. The pot is equipped with five sensors and fifteen animations that will be displayed on the screen to express the status of your plant. 

Three of the five sensors monitor the soil moisture percentage, the right amount of exposure to light and the temperature level that allow you to understand when it is necessary to add water, when the pot needs to be moved to a shady place or when it needs more rays of light. The motion sensor, on the other hand, is able to detect the presence of someone nearby and lastly the sensor to read the QR code allows you to connect Lua to your app. 

Smart Planter Lua has a sub-irrigation water reservoir, so even if you go away for a few days, your plant will be able to survive even in your absence. The fifteen animations make you understand in real time what your vase needs, for example Lua’s face can express thirst when you have to add water, or it becomes sick when you overdo with water, whereas a vampire appears when the exposure to light is not sufficient, on the contrary Lua will squint when the pot has too much light and need more shade, Lua sneezes when the temperature is too low and also signals you when it is too hot. You can realize when it is happy, when it expresses perplexity because it cannot read the QR code, when it is tired and goes back to sleep because does not perceive movements in front of it and many other moods. 

Everything becomes much easier and more intuitive with the use of the app. You just need to download it, choose the category and species of your plant and wait for the code to be created. Lua will then scan the QR code, will set the various parameters based on the type of plant and will thus be able to feel the different needs, suggesting how to act and how to manage your “pet”. 

The revolutionary Smart Planter Lua will amaze you and transform you into a true gardening professional and will support and help you to improve your plant caring skills. Now plants, seedlings and colourful flowers will finally take their place on your empty windowsills. 

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