The robot chef by Moley Robotics

London-based robotics company, Moley Robotics, has literally revolutionized the idea of kitchen robots and kitchen itself. It has in fact created a robot that is not just a “simple” intelligent and super-equipped planetary machine. He is a chef always in the kitchen, or rather a kitchen with an integrated chef. It is equipped with robotic arms and hands that allow it to simulate the movements of a flesh and blood cook and it is able to prepare any type of dish.

It is presented as “dexterous robot integrated into a luxury kitchen, that prepares freshly-cooked meals at the touch of a button”. Basically, it is one with the kitchen, where everything is connected and automated. The robot, in fact, takes care of the kitchen in every aspect. He takes the food out of the refrigerator, cooks it (whether it’s in the oven, on the hob, or if it needs to use the sink, it doesn’t matter, it can do anything), and then it cleans when it’s done. It’s like a dream! And that’s not all. This super smart kitchen alerts you when it’s time to replace foods that are about to run out, learns what you like and suggests dishes based on the ingredients available. 

The cookware and utensils are high quality tools made in collaboration with a leading Italian company in the sector. They are made of stainless steel and an aluminum layer, and they can be used both by the robot and humans, for when they are in the mood for cooking. 

The kitchen is equipped with a series of sensors and optical cameras that allow the robot to work and detect, for example, when a food drops, so that it then clean it and wash it. It is a real luxury gem, which however few will be able to afford given the price. Its value is around 248,000 pounds, the same of a house. Nonetheless, apparently there are already 1000 potential buyers. Mark Oleynik, the Russian creator of Moley Robotics, reassured by saying: “We anticipate that our pricing will be reduced significantly over time with production volume, efficiencies and economies of scale”.

However lower the price may be, it will always be a luxury investment. Afterall, “What you are looking at here”, explained Oleynik during the information technology exhibition in Dubai, “is the world’s first consumer robotic kitchen. […] Like all breakthrough technologies – cars, televisions and computers – it will appeal to enthusiasts, professionals and early adopters, And is priced accordingly”. 

About 100 professionals were employed to make it, including engineers, designers and three multi-star chefs. At the moment, the robot can make 30 recipes from international chefs, but new ones are constantly being added. The aim of the company would be to get to a menu of 5000 recipes. 

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