Amazon echo devices: a new video and audio call service

In recent months, because of social distancing, many of us have participated for work, for study or even just for personal reasons, in at least one video call through one of the many platforms available such as the most popular Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet . 

Today, more than ever, this type of communication is essential to stay up to date and in contact with friends, relatives, colleagues and professors at any time of the day. 

Shortly after the launch of the latest fourth generation Echo smart speaker and a few days before the Christmas holidays, which this year will be spent at home and with few family members because of the pandemic, the Amazon giant has decided to introduce audio and video calls to facilitate and support those who are forced to celebrate away from their loved ones, thus offering an alternative to feel a bit closer. This new feature had already been announced by the company in September. 

Everyone who has an Amazon device such as the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show models, will now be able to make video and audio calls with Alexa. For the moment, Amazon offers a completely free and time-free service for group calls that can have up to seven participants at the same time. Currently, the new feature is available in fourteen countries: Italy, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and India. 

Now the US customers of Jeff Bezos’ company can join a video conference call with Alexa through Zoom and Amazon Chime on all the Echo Show 8 devices. “2020 has been the year of video meetings, with many using video to connect for both work and personal life more than ever before”, said Amazon company about the current situation. 

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