Gomi speakers made from plastic waste

“We believe tech should last a lifetime, without ever having to end up in landfill – there really is too much value in these materials to allow them to be wasted”, this is the philosophy that guides Gomi, a British company that transforms waste into “long-living circular products people will love for generations”. 

Gomi speakers are the latest innovation launched by the British company in collaboration with the electric bike sharing Lime company. For the realization of these devices, Gomi uses recycled plastic bags and batteries from Lime e-bikes that are now no longer used. Every day, more than 300 billion batteries are produced worldwide and then are not reused or recycled. Whereas, 400 billion kilos of plastic waste are produced annually. 

The Gomi team is “always looking for new ways that can create positive impact through design products that rethink waste and help clean up our beautiful planet. This is what led to creating the Gomi Speaker – An environmentally-friendly 25W Mono Portable Speaker made from 100 waste plastic bags, with 100% of the power coming from repurposed batteries saved from damaged Lime e-bikes”. The company collaborates with global corporations, with recycling companies and also with local companies to obtain waste materials in order to create new and innovative products. 

The mini speaker has a simple and modern design and can be connected via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets and laptops within 10 meters. The new device is able to reach 20 hours of total autonomy thanks to the 50 thousand cells that have been recovered from over a thousand old Lime e-bikes. 

Gomi speaker can be carried anywhere thanks to its weight of about 800 grams, moreover its battery recharges in two hours and on its surface there are the volume buttons. In addition, the device is available in four different colours: black and white, blue ocean, lime green and birthday cake version. The company has also decided to offer repairs-for-life return service precisely to prevent these new products from becoming waste in the future. 

Despite the small size and the waste material used, Gomi speaker offer a high quality sound to its users who, by combining two speakers, can create a real mini stereo system. 

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