DJI will launch its next drone in 2021

DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd. is the well-known Chinese technology company based in Shenzhen, known for the ronin and action camera trade, but above all for its drones, among them the most famous are the DJI Air, Mini, Mavic and Phantom models. The company, to the delight of these devices lovers, is probably about to launch a new model on the market. 

The Chinese company, for the moment, has not released any statement yet, but now the numerous rumours about the next drone do not leave many doubts. The popular OsitaLV Twitter account, which constantly provides reliable information on the latest news, recently released some news and pictures of what it thinks could be the latest addition to the DJI family. Unfortunately, there are not much news regarding the characteristics of the future FPV device, but as the new drone images show it should include a helmet to allow first-person flight and also the “old” controller would have undergone a makeover for a completely different and new look. Instead, the lines and design that have always been rather square and angular give way to a more rounded and modern shape. 

According to the opinion of OsitaLV profile, the new drone will not be folding and will have a three-blade propellers of 5-inch. The sensor for stabilized movies will shoot in 4K at 60 fps and, like previous models, all users can choose among the three well-known driving modes. Furthermore, the RTF package should include both the FPV kit and the latest generation controller. 

However, all flight devices and drones lovers will have to wait a little longer, at least until the first months of the new year, when DJI should finally announce the launch of its latest model. 

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