A smart Christmas tree with smart Christmas lights

Videos of trees lighting up with a click, others whose lights change color and go on and off to the rhythm of music. From Facebook to Tik Tok and Instagram, the web is going crazy for smart christmas lights promoted by web celebrities in their profiles and which seem to be the big novelty of the year in terms of Christmas decorations.

These lights prerogative is that they are super technological, they can be controlled through an app on the mobile phone and create customized effects according to your tastes. In fact, the smartphone becomes the place where you can create virtual models to design the desired lighting effects. You just have to give way to imagination and creativity. The only downside is that smart lights don’t have the same price of their traditional counterpart. They are a little bit more expensive. If expectations aren’t many you can also find models around 30 euros, if what you want instead are super special effects then the budget rises above 100 euros.

There are several brands that sell them. But let’s see which are the most beautiful and famous.

In most videos on the web Twinkly’s LED lights are what is used. Among the first celebrities who made this trend go viral, there is the Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni. The latter has in fact posted a video on Instagram of her magical tree which, on the notes of All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, kept changing effects. Needless to say, after a while, the lights were sold out.

Twinkly light strings come in different sizes. They range from the small 8 meters string with 100 LEDs to the 48 meters one with 600 LEDs. As for prices, with the exception of the 8 meter one which costs around 60 euros, the other light strings start at 118 euros. The largest ones exceed 200 euros.

Starting with the basic features we can say that the lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor, since they are waterproof and therefore resist to water and bad weather. Moving on to the more technological aspects, the lights connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allows for quick installation. By downloading the Twinkly app, which is free for both iOS and Android devices, you can start choosing lighting effects and customizing them. In fact, the app displays a 3D reconstruction of the tree that detects the exact position of each LED, allowing you to create a precise map of the desired layout.

Lights can also be connected to smart speakers such as Google and Alexa, in order to turn them on and off from a distance, but also to change colors and brightness. To give an even more magical touch, it is possible to buy Twinkly Music which, by connecting it to the same wifi network as the lights, will make them move to the rhythm of the music. This is possible thanks to a revolutionary technology that allows it to detect any type of sound in real time, from Christmas songs to clapping.

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