The new Lacuba Evo 10 e-bike can travel 240 kilometres

In recent years, the cycling sector has developed more and more and has seen a great growth especially in the sale of electric bikes. Innovative e-bikes are not only widely used in the city and in the countryside, but also in mountain areas where they facilitate the travel of more challenging routes. 

On the market, there are different types of electric bicycles able to satisfy the needs of all pedals lovers. The Bulls Bike company, which specializes in the production of a wide range of electric two-wheeled vehicles, has recently launched its latest smart innovation, the new Lacuba Evo 10 model. 

Lacuba Evo 10 has been designed to travel long distances, in fact the intelligent e-bike promises a range up to 240 kilometres on a single charge (obviously in the best conditions, so the real battery autonomy may not respect this feature). The battery, which is located in the crossbar, uses Supercore technology, is very light and is also removable to facilitate charging which is not the fastest one since it takes about six and a half hours. But innovation is not just about the power supply, in fact the software of the electric device has been optimized to increase the way of pedalling and the engine is equipped with Flex Power mode with Cadence Power Control and Progressive Pedal Response. 

The smart feature of the bicycle by Bulls Bike is located on the handlebars which is equipped with Brose’s Topology DS103 Console. The colour display has a size of 3.5 inches and allows customers to consult some information such as the remaining autonomy, the travel speed and the distance of the established route, moreover the built-in Bluetooth allows the connection to their smartphone, through the app, to have the data always at hand. 

The brand new Lacuba Evo 10 is available in three variants: the Diamond one has no crossbar; the Wave frame is instead made with a high crossbar; whereas the Step-Thru one has an oblique crossbar. The bike is sold in three different sizes and customers can choose between the Grey colour or Chrome Red. Moreover, depending on their needs, people can opt for the 555 Wh battery or the 750 Wh one. 

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