ClippiKlap: observing reality from new perspectives

For about two years now, the pandemic has changed and limited the way we move and live our daily life, including social relationships and the many activities that were previously part of our life. Many of these have been transformed into a new form, mostly digital, given that the web has represented a new reality for us, where we can continue doing our activities, but in a different, virtual form. Social relationships have had new opportunities to be cultivated, for example via instant messaging applications and social networks, and it is precisely on the latter that new digital professions have also been created, whose existence we could never have imagined once upon a time. These are professions linked above all to the ability to communicate with users, to catch their attention and win their admiration and affection. If this novelty was possible, the credit also goes to the spread of smartphones and other similar devices, with which it is possible to carry out activities of all kinds while remaining in contact with the rest of the world.

One device that is becoming popular today is ClippiKlap, an urban tripod used to create videos and take photos using new angles. ClippiKlap is small and light, and it is very useful for always finding new and unusual perspectives from which to immortalize reality: objects, people, landscapes. The pandemic, which forced us to stay indoors in 2020, inspired Giorgio Arghittu, an Italian innovator who was aware that videos would soon take on a crucial role during the lockdown. And the intuition was right, considering the success that TikTok would soon achieve.

ClippiKlap has the advantage of being compatible with any type of smartphone (except foldable ones) and easy for anyone to use. This device is aimed precisely at the average user, which replaces the tripod in terms of functionality, but is smaller and lighter (it weighs only 58 grams and has a thickness of 3.2 millimeters), so that it can be easily transported anywhere. The support was the result of a series of engineering studies and the search for the right material to use. It was not easy to ensure total isolation of the smartphone; in fact the base of the tripod, which joins the electronic device, is covered with an insulating material, called Permalloy 80, to avoid damage to the battery or other components. ClippiKlap contains neodymium magnets which, joined to a steel plate, magnetize the base providing stability from 65 to 90 degrees to the device, which can be of three different colors: pink, turquoise or metal, while the external part is in anodised aluminium. It is also compliant with Directive 2001/95 / EC and a response to the international patent application for invention and the patent application for design is expected, given that the design is fundamental for the easy and correct use of the device.

ClippiKlap is used a lot especially by TikTokers, whose profession is mainly based on the spread of videos of all kinds: funny, educational, thoughtful and interesting. The device so adored by TikTokers is not only used to shoot videos and take photos, but also to make video calls: it all depends on the age and interests of the user. In addition, the cost of about thirty euros makes it affordable for everyone. You only need to try it to feel part of the new generation of web users and professionals.

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