Arebo: the new device is ready to change our morning routine

The Korean company Miracle Health Care is ready to revolutionize the morning routine of millions of people with a new high-quality and high-tech product. The idea of ​​the innovative Arebo scale hides a new method that will help to dry our bodies after a shower in just a few minutes. 

Arebo looks a lot like a scale that supports a weight up to 150 kilograms, we just need to get out of the shower, place our feet on the platform to activate it and wait for the air flow, which is able to reach 32 degrees, to literally dry us from our head (including hair) to our feet. Once our “moment of pampering” is over, we can deactivate Arebo simply by getting off it. The temperature regulator makes it ideal for any season of the year and in addition, the simple and minimalist design makes it suitable and perfect for people of all ages. 

With the novelty of Miracle Health Care, consumers will thus be able to enjoy the ritual of their morning routine in complete tranquillity and forget the different types of towels and bathrobes which, as we well know, are the main carriers and spreaders of multiple bacteria. In this way Arebo guarantees simplicity, speed, comfort and relaxation that every person would like to receive from the early hours of the morning. 

Euihan Park, CEO Miracle Health Care, said that: “Our vision is to design products that makes people’s everyday life better. Arebo is a body dryer that lasts a lifetime, eliminates the need of towels full of bacteria, and reduces our impact on the environment”. 

For all those who have very little time in the morning and are always in a hurry, but also for those who want to live in total comfort, then Arebo is a device that could really transform and definitively simplify the everyday life of many people. 

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